Our commitment to you

We will deliver top quality services, conduct ourselves professionally and always do our utmost to ensure you are happy with the results.

Quality Guaranteed

Translation Quality


We always aim for error-free translations that convey the true meaning our clients intend. We’ll clarify any areas of potential confusion to make sure there are no misunderstandings. To help, we have accrued an extensive term bank which includes specialist terminology and jargon relating to a wide range of subjects.


Our translators are all native Chinese speakers and fully fluent in English. We always aim to make the translated text read as if it was originally written by a native Chinese speaker, rather than translated.

The right tone

Before we start work on a translation we make sure we understand the appropriate tone of voice to use.

Interpreting Quality

Familiar with subject matter

We have interpreted at events covering a huge range of subjects, from energy to waste management. If one of our interpreters will be working at an event in a new subject area, they will spend time doing research beforehand.

Suitably skilled

We will ensure the interpreters we provide have the relevant skills and are experienced in providing the specific type of interpreting you require, whether consecutive, liaison, telephone, simultaneous or whispered.

Fully prepared

Whether you need our help at a private business meeting, a factory site visit or a debate between international leaders, we’ll arrive fully prepared and appropriately equipped.

Professionalism Guaranteed


We take pride in our punctuality. If we agree to deliver your translation project at 12pm on Monday, you can expect it no later. If our interpreters are needed at a venue from 9am, we’ll aim to be there at 8.45. If we say we’ll get back to you in a moment, we won’t keep you waiting more than ten minutes.


Customers trust us with their sensitive materials and information. We won’t discuss your projects with any irrelevant third parties. We won’t take photos of venues or the people attending events without seeking prior consent. We are always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement on request.


Whether your event is a formal business meeting, a site visit or a cocktail party, you can rely on our interpreters to be dressed appropriately. Even if we’re working in a booth most of the time, you won’t see us in jeans or shorts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Effective use of technology

We use translation memory tools and web-based project management tools to facilitate our translation and make sure all our projects are on track. We work with elite interpreting equipment suppliers and experienced technicians and ensure any technical glitches are dealt with efficiently.

Responsive to feedback

If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll conduct a thorough investigation into the root cause of the issue and offer an appropriate discount to make up for the inconvenience.

Regular audits

We regularly audit our services and conduct customer satisfaction surveys to make sure our clients are happy with us.

We have an unquenchable passion for what we do

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