Our translation services

Whether you need a 10,000 word course book translated from English into Chinese or just a brief letter of introduction or invitation, we’ll be happy to help. Accuracy and punctuality are the hallmarks of our translation services.

Our skilled translators specialise in translating text from English into Chinese and provide added value by incorporating adaptation and transcreation, to ensure your messages are conveyed to your Chinese audience in the way you intend.

We deliver outstanding translations of a wide variety of materials, including:



Annual Reports


Press Releases

Product Specifications


PowerPoint Presentations



Business Cards

and more

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Step 1.

Establishing the size and timescale

Before we can quote we’ll need to know how many words you need translated and how quickly you would like the translation delivered. To give you a rough idea, for translating 10,000 words, our standard turnaround time is four to five days, including first draft, second draft, proofreading and typesetting.

Step 2.

Agreeing the service level

We offer three levels of service:

  • Standard – first draft translation, revision, review/proofreading and typesetting
  • Express – first draft, revision, review and typesetting with a faster turnaround
  • Lite – first draft only, or first and revision only (typesetting optional)

We can advise you on the best option to suit your timescale and budget.

We’ll agree the price and delivery date with you then send you a contract to sign.

Step 3.


Once we’ve received your signed contract and the content to translate, we’ll start work.

First we’ll ensure we understand the tone required. We’ll analyse the text and identify key traits to replicate in the translation. For example if it’s a promotional brochure, we’ll make sure the translation conveys the same passion and will engage your Chinese audience. If it’s a legal contract, we’ll take the time to ensure we understand the ‘legalese’ so we can translate it accurately. If necessary we’ll contact you to verify that we understand the tone you want to use.

Once we’ve gathered the necessary background information, we go through the following key stages (depending of the service level you have chosen):

The initial translation

Bilingual editing of the translation, based on comparison with the source content

Monolingual editing of the target content, taking into account conventions in the relevant business sector or area of expertise

Step 4.

Delivery and invoicing

On the day of delivery we’ll send the translated document to you by email along with our invoice. If you need a certified translation we will also print it out and get it signed by the certified translator then post it to you. Please allow at least three days for it to reach you.

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